Powerful engagement comes from face-to-face meetings – our private and corporate practices are always available to meet with you – be sure to book a meeting with The Warwickshire.

Organise your time to book a meeting with The Warwickshire Practice

Please feel free to speak with us – the best way to secure out time is to book a meeting with The Warwickshire Practice.

You can also email us to discuss your issue confidentially before organising our diaries.

Private Practice

The private practice meets with individuals and groups:

[rara_column_wrap] [rara_column span=”3″]Monday[/rara_column] [rara_column span=”3″]07:30 – 20:30[/rara_column] [rara_column span=”3″]Tuesday[/rara_column] [rara_column span=”3″]07:30 – 20:30[/rara_column] [rara_column span=”3″]Wednesday[/rara_column] [rara_column span=”3″]07:30 – 20:30[/rara_column] [rara_column span=”3″]Thursday[/rara_column] [rara_column span=”3″]07:30 – 20:30[/rara_column] [rara_column span=”3″]Friday[/rara_column] [rara_column span=”3″]07:30 – 13:30[/rara_column] [/rara_column_wrap]


Corporate Practice

The Corporate Practice delivers Leadership & Team Development programs and, as they are built in partnership with the client, cannot be booked through this page.

The initial conversation can be booked below and then a schedule is agreed upon during the process.

Any business professionals seeking to meet with us as part of our Leadership Resourcing programs should book a 1-hour session below.

Book a Meeting with The Warwickshire Practice