Focused on applied psychology, The Warwickshire is a counselling & business psychology company offering simple fee structuresCounselling & business psychology

At the Warwickshire Practice, our approaches are designed to support individual and corporate goals through applied psychology.

Psychology is the science of mind and behaviour: how and why we act and think as we do.

Our private practice is where we work with individuals whilst our corporate practice focuses on engagements with senior leadership within organisations.

Benefiting from applied psychology

Psychology is increasingly recognised in so many aspects of our lives as we are more mindful of the complexity that comes from our thoughts, behaviour and communication.

Counselling psychology

Our private practice has a bias towards counselling psychology.  We focus on an individual as we improve well-being, reduce and manage stress, and improve overall functioning.

Our problem focused and goal-directed interventions may be either brief or long-term in duration.  Our approach places a value on individual differences and an emphasis on ‘prevent, develop, and adjust’.

Business Psychology

Our corporate practice focuses on how to make people and organisations more effective.  Through industrial and organisational (I/O) psychology we focus on the workforce, customer, and consumer.  This includes issues such as the recruitment, training, performance, work motivation, work behavior, team interaction, leadership development and stress.

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